End-of-Match Stats: Info To Build a Better Strategy

3 min readSep 30, 2022

Knowing your team’s performance and standings are important for fine-tuning your strategy. That’s why MetaSoccer is currently focused on providing more detailed and timely match reports at the end of each match. Now we are showing more information on player performance, and soon we will provide attack play zones and ball possession stats.

Player Performance

Player Performance evaluates how each player performed during a match, with a rating from 0 to 10. A player who performs badly will have a lower number than a player who performs well. So, if many of your players perform well, the outcome of the match will most likely be a victory. However, this rule is not set in stone — just like in real soccer, sometimes players don’t have a great performance during a match, but the team ends up winning, or vice versa.

Player Performance is also correlated to the specific role of players on the field. Imagine that your team lost 2–8, for example, so logically the players who scored goals will have better performances than that of the goalkeeper and defenders. Also, if in another match, your center back scored four goals, you’ll verify that in the end its performance will have a high value. By having access to the players’ performance report, you can also try new players in different positions and continuously improve your team.

Remember that like any other MetaSoccer feature, we are launching this version that will be refined and improved with the help of your feedback and ideas.

We are working to introduce player improvement after playing, not only after training. The objective is to allow players to improve, regardless of their performance. You’ll receive more details about player improvement after matches soon. Also, once we launch PvP, we’re planning on including a feature that allows you to check the performance of players of the opposing team!

Attack Play Zones

Another end-of-the-match stat that you’ll be able to check soon is the Attack Play Zones. You will see a field where you will be able to differentiate the percentage of your team attacks through different zones.

This outcome will be related to your tactics decisions. If you select to play through the middle, for example, most of the time you will see that your team attacked more through that area, but if you select left wing, usually you will see a left attack dominance in the field map, and so on.

Ball Possession

Finally, one important stat for the ‘tiki-taka’ lovers will be Ball Possession, also coming soon. This will help the managers understand how their team implemented the tactics set up, like passing style and mentality.

Passing style will impact this metric a lot. If you want your team to play short passes, usually you will have more possession than playing long passes. Also, playing hard defending usually will reduce your possession.

On the other hand, ball possession will depend a lot on the quality of the team. If an Amateur team plays short passes against a Legend team, they will have less ball possession because in most cases the Legend team will have more control of the ball during most of the match.

Finally, as you know from real soccer, ball possession is not always a good metric to predict the win, so we encourage you to balance out all the tactics — the ultimate factor that will make you win is scoring goals, and you can do that even if you have a much lower ball possession than the opposing team… if your team knows how to take advantage of the right opportunities.

By analyzing end-of-match stats, you’ll have a better perception of how your team is doing, and you can see which tactics are, and are not, working. Nothing ventured, nothing gained — so don’t be afraid to try different approaches and see how they work.

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