Everything You Need to Know About Player Condition

3 min readMay 13, 2022

The condition is one of the personal attributes of a player and it refers to physical status, which decreases with playing but can be recovered over time.

As we launch the first play-and-earn rewards in MetaSoccer, we are implementing Player Condition and Exhaustion, mimicking the physical world, so players get tired and cannot take part in unlimited matches.

If you look at the game now, all your players are at 100% Condition. This is about to change.

For every match played, a player’s condition will drop by 20 points. On the other hand, the condition refills with time so that 24 hours is enough to go from 0% to 100% (it actually increases 1 point every 864 seconds). This way, players can take part in around 5 matches per day.

Besides the Condition bar, you will see an icon showing how exhausted your players are. In this first iteration of Condition, a red heart means your player will perform worse if tired (condition between 24% and 20%). If players are exhausted (between 19% and 0%) they will not be able to begin a match.

Therefore, in this first version, only the two lower levels of condition will impact the gameplay. Any player with conditions equal to or over 25 will perform at full capacity — this happens to prepare for new features that will be slowly introduced. In the future, all levels of condition will impact the game.

Note that selecting tired or exhausted players won’t be reflected on your lineup skill.

Player condition adds a new layer of depth as you can form different strategies. For example, you can choose to play more matches on a given day by using tired players but with lower probability of winning these matches.

Player Condition Roadmap

As is happening with all game features, player Condition will evolve and we’ll add new categories, making the game closer to real-life soccer and giving you broader options of tactics.

Next developments will include the addition of the following:

  • Injuries: Using tired players will increase the probability of an injury. It will also be possible for you to select exhausted players at your own risk.
  • Fitness: The performance of players in the match will be highly correlated to their conditions and fitness.
  • Substitutions: Being able to change players during the matches, you’ll have more options to keep your players’ conditions at optimal levels.

MetaSoccer is constantly evolving, and as the game becomes more challenging, we hope that you’ll find more joy and excitement in developing your team and winning matches.

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