MetaSoccer Introduces Marc Cercós

5 min readNov 12, 2021


Today, we will be introducing a series of team interviews. We hope these interviews will bring you clarity about the team behind MetaSoccer, the first soccer metaverse.

Marc Cercós is MetaSoccer’s CEO, specializing in leading the game development of the metaverse’s short and long-term strategy. He will be answering a few of the major questions, all by himself, clearing the objectives of MetaSoccer and addressing the important points to bring the community’s attention across the futuristic, first-of-its-kind blockchain game.

What is exciting to you right now in the crypto space?

The crypto space has come up with a lot of industrial-level solutions. However, one of the most exciting and intriguing applications in this space is the evolution of ‘Gaming.’ The market that has associated with blockchain gaming and NFTs is extremely diverse and has grown exponentially in these years, where we have seen a whopping market revenue of $321Million in 2020 alone. I believe that this sector will be one of the most growing industries in the coming years.

What do you see as the future of NFTs?

NFTs have been around the market for quite some time now. For me, I believe that gaming has been and will be the catalysts for the mass-scaled adoption of NFTs. P2E gaming platforms are at the early stage, and with successful projects likes Axie Infinity, these games shall bring a paradigm change in the gaming industry.

It has been seen that P2E games in the NFT space have allowed gamers to earn ‘real’ money out of their gaming skills, which totally convinces me that the community will surely adopt NFTs in the future, just like they did with F2P games a decade ago. I have a firm belief that large companies and institutions will incorporate their NFTs in their games over the next few years. These years are surely crucial for NFTs, and the crypto world likewise.

What does Blockchain Technology mean for the gaming industry?

The gaming industry has realized the importance of blockchain technology, providing gamers with interoperable profiles of players. Where the gaming industry was a commemoration of intangible assets, blockchain technology has enabled the projection of value. The gamers community has realized that the players have gained control over their games and assets. This is how important blockchain has become for the gaming industry.

Gamers can now own their in-game assets, which provides the gaming industry with a new direction, thanks to blockchain technology. With its distributed ledger technology, all the data can now be stored and taken beyond the games, which is not possible without blockchain technology. Who would have thought this would mean so much for the gaming industry just around 3 years back?

How would you explain MetaSoccer to someone who just came across the project?

The soccer ecosystem is not unknown to the world. Taking the current ecosystem into account, we have different clubs, players, coaches, leagues, cups, and sponsors setting up the structure of the complete fraternity. Club football is another impressive division that is highly progressing throughout the world. This market is known to produce billions of dollars in revenue while employing hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Blockchain technology is known for creating a virtual space over a real-world concept. Secondly, it can also develop a space having its own culture, rules, and operation. This version of technology takes VR, P2E, and other traditional gaming systems into account and develops its metaverse.

Blockchain technology has understood the complete ecosystem to its root. Over understanding the entire ecosystem, MetaSoccer is believed to have developed a similar ecosystem built across the blockchain. If someone does not understand, Blockchain technology gives a virtual space to users to enjoy a game. MetaSoccer is a similar entity that is believed to revolutionize the metaverse with its effective design. Although it sounds like a game, blockchain technology changes the system by adding the P2E narrative. This can give users the opportunity to create the next FC Barcelona of the metaverse. The user shall act as the personal manager of the team, where he shall select the stars of the metaverse and would be solely responsible for carrying it out.

MetaSoccer, for beginners, is a decentralized universe where users can act as anything within the metaverse and be a part of it in many ways. For this, the user shall be paid in real currency for their contributions. This is how any player within the metaverse shall earn actual money out of playing in a metaverse.

MetaSoccer surely has set some goals for itself. As the initiator of this project, we believe in developing a professional club in the next 3 years across the metaverse. This club shall generate a similar income as an EFL League Two (Fourth Division) club. It does not sound farsighted if the community that we build helps us build a smooth metaverse.

What is your favorite soccer team?

Being a resident of Barcelona, I have always seen FC Barcelona playing across the fields. Thus, this has been my favorite soccer team.

Any final words for the community?

A project is always successful with an effective community. No project across the blockchain prospers without a supportive community. If the community fails to set up a clear stance on how they wish for the project to proceed, there is a time that the project stops growing and becomes a major liability for the investors. This is how collaborations end and projects fail, eventually. We here are MetaSoccer is connected to bring prosperity to the community. While keeping all norms in mind, we intend to develop an equal environment for any user within the metaverse. For that, I even urge the investors to be part of this initiative and bring supremacy in the form of MetaSoccer.

We also urge our users to be aware of every step that we take to improve. MetaSoccer is and surely will bring a lot of big things across the metaverse for its users. Be part of us, and enjoy the most efficient deals of your life in blockchain technology.

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is the first blockchain-based soccer metaverse where users can create their own club and generate income while playing (Play-to-Earn).

A whole soccer ecosystem where users can participate full-time as club owners or managers while having fun and generating income. MetaSoccer embraces multiple revenue streams such as: NFT asset drops, fees from different transactions across the ecosystem (marketplace sales, betting, token swap…), sponsorships and broadcasting.

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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing