MetaSoccer x MEIS: A Stadium of the Art Collaboration

4 min readFeb 28, 2022

In real life soccer, stadiums are almost perceived as cathedrals, where crowds of worshipers gather to celebrate the wins of their teams or to find comfort in each other when facing a defeat; they are the central point of any club activity, landmarks in the main capital cities all over the world and touristic points that are a must-see for many.

In the metaverse, there will be no difference. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Dossier Digital to bring on board the world-renowned architecture firm MEIS — A Perkins Eastman Studio, to create true, exclusive monuments for the soccer metaverse. MEIS is responsible for the design and renovation of some world renowned stadiums and arenas, like Arena, Safeco Field, Paul Brown Stadium, Morumbi Stadium or Everton FC Stadium— we cannot wait to see all the wonderful designs they will come up with for our MetaSoccer world!

MEIS’s ultra-creative and innovative designers have been working over the last few months in some astounding concepts for MetaSoccer stadiums. Their cutting edge proposals had us in love on the moment we laid eyes on them — and you’ll be too.

Stadiums are a key asset in the MetaSoccer ecosystem, and also one of the most coveted NFTs in our soccer metaverse due to the numerous revenue possibilities they offer to the holders. Now that the name behind the concepts has been unveiled, with a certainty that these will be one of a kind artistic items, there will be no time to waste when they are available for the public.

Thank you MEIS for daring to enter the metaverse with us, and thank you Dossier Digital for helping us bridge the gap between the real world and digital world. Together, we are imagining and turning to reality these impressive and unique stadiums.

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is the first blockchain-based soccer metaverse where users can create their own club and generate income while playing (Play-to-Earn).

A whole soccer ecosystem where users can participate full-time as club owners or managers while having fun and generating income. MetaSoccer embraces multiple revenue streams such as: NFT asset drops, fees from different transactions across the ecosystem (marketplace sales, betting, token swap…), sponsorships and broadcasting.

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About MEIS

MEIS is a boutique designed studio specialized in the design of experience and spectacle. From sports and entertainment venues to urban activations, MEIS creates environments that inspire people to gather and celebrate. Recognized as one of the profession’s most inspired practices, the studio is responsible for the creation of award-winning, unique and memorable spectator experiences that result in significant return on investment and revenue generation for clients.

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About Dossier Digital

Dossier Digital ( is a platform for bespoke 3D digital assets by the world’s top artists, architects, and designers. Our clients are metaverse companies, game developers, software libraries, as well as museums and foundations. Dossier Digital unlocks the value in unrealized designs from the archives to the metaverse and beyond.

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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing