MetaSoccer x MetaMisfits: Breaking Barriers Together

2 min readFeb 11, 2022


In our constant efforts to make MetaSoccer accessible to everyone, in any place on Earth, we closed a partnership with a new gaming guild from India, MetaMisfits.

As a part of this collaboration, this growing guild acquired some of our Youth Scouts, that can be used by members of their community, and they will be one of our voices in India, having already started to spread the word about our soccer metaverse.

When asked about the reasons behind the partnership, our friends at MetaMisfits explained that “our common objective is simple: to allow more and more people to join the GameFi revolution and achieve financial freedom while putting their skills to use in a fun and enjoyable way” — and we couldn’t have phrased it better!

This is another step towards breaking the entry barrier to play to earn games for the masses, and we intend to keep pursuing more collaborations of this type, to be true to the original goals of GameFi.

Welcome MetaMisfits, let the gaming revolution spread all over India!

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is the first blockchain-based soccer metaverse where users can create their own club and generate income while playing (Play-to-Earn).

A whole soccer ecosystem where users can participate full-time as club owners or managers while having fun and generating income. MetaSoccer embraces multiple revenue streams such as: NFT asset drops, fees from different transactions across the ecosystem (marketplace sales, betting, token swap…), sponsorships and broadcasting.

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About MetaMisfits

MetaMisfits is a gaming guild, soon to be a DAO, whose goal is to introduce Play to Earn Games to the common people of India.

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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing