MetaSoccer x Ready Player DAO: The Partnership Changing the P2E Dynamics

2 min readNov 9, 2021


The gaming verse has reinforced its hold across the digital ecosystem after the much-awaited partnership between MetaSoccer and Ready Player DAO. To make MetaSoccer the ‘Axie Infinity’ of the soccer metaverse, platforms like Ready Player DAO need to put in their efforts in bringing the metaverse ecosystem to greater heights.

Games like Axie Infinity have been successful in providing the crypto-verse a direction to digital prosperity. However, things are never believed to stay like this. Platforms like Ready Player DAO are believed to be integral in building and breaking projects. Ready Player DAO objectifies its operations in empowering and strengthening projects. For this, the platform has set up a standard of rules that it believes in following across every project that it supports.

The partnership with Ready Player DAO will be a definite success for MetaSoccer. With unique ideas such as that of MetaSoccer, Ready Player DAO surely nurtures the rising talent in the digital market that intends to change the play-to-earn trend for good. This partnership is a projection of such beliefs, which develops the narrative of prosperity for both parties, leading to the prosperity of the global community.

With hefty investments into gaming economies through multiple means, the players present within the MetaSoccer ecosystem are to be benefitted indefinitely. With necessary support in the form of toolsets and processes, this P2E ecosystem will surely witness the greatest project growth of all time. This partnership is surely an attraction for new players in the metaverse. Since MetaSoccer is building its influence in the ecosystem, this partnership will surely bring new investors in line.

While taking the appropriate steps to build the MetaSoccer community, Ready Player DAO enables the revamp of today’s equation of benefitting both parties involved in the process, i.e., the players and the developers simultaneously.

As Ready Player DAO builds its stem in the digital metaverse, the project intends to take MetaSoccer along with it. We hope that this partnership will bring the better out of all the stakeholders involved in the process. We are excited to witness the greatness of the metaverse and the community developed in the process. Thanks to such partnerships, the future of P2E gaming is bright.

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is the first blockchain-based soccer metaverse where users can create their own club and generate income while playing (Play-to-Earn).

A whole soccer ecosystem where users can participate full-time as club owners or managers while having fun and generating income. MetaSoccer embraces multiple revenue streams such as: NFT asset drops, fees from different transactions across the ecosystem (marketplace sales, betting, token swap…), sponsorships and broadcasting.

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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing