PvE: Lineup and Formations

5 min readApr 27, 2022

Developing a game is serious business, especially when you have a team fully committed to deliver a new and exciting experience, one that is challenging and easy to enjoy.

At MetaSoccer, there is no “final stretch” — we believe that we can continuously do better — and we take into account user feedback in developing this unique game.

MetaSoccer has begun to gradually launch game features, as it’s not only the best approach to create a great gaming experience but it also takes into account external input. This way you’ll have time to get acquainted to the environment and adapt with skill.

Lineup and Lineup Skill

The first interactions with the soccer metaverse allows users to create a lineup, choosing from the different available formations. This is important for you to check if you need any more players from a given role, and above all, to test the lineup skills of multiple lineups.

The lineup skill is the main indicator to estimate what will be the result of the match and is calculated based on all of the skills of the players selected to be part of the lineup.

On the first version of the PvE, the lineup skill will take into account three characteristics:

Current abilities of the player

Knowing the abilities most important in each specific role it’s possible to calculate how a player will perform in other specific roles, depending on the abilities. When training systems are introduced, it will be possible to improve a specific ability of a player that will help him play better in other specific roles.

Role knowledge

A player will have different knowledge levels of a role. For example, a Left Wing Back (LWB) will have good knowledge of Left Back (LB) role and normal knowledge of Left Winger (LW), but low knowledge of Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM). This role knowledge also will be able to be improved with player training systems.

Special ability

As explained previously, the special abilities of the players in the lineup affects the lineup skill. You can learn more about this here.

Regarding role knowledge and positioning, it is always important to take into account that the overall of a player is affected by his role and the position in which he is playing.

As you can see in the tables below, each player has top knowledge of his own role, but his knowledge of other roles is smaller:

Based on these values, it’s possible to understand that the lesser knowledge a player has of a role, the more his overall will decrease when playing in that position.

For example, a Left Back (LB) with an overall of 41 will have a player skill of 41 when put in an LB slot in the lineup, since he has top knowledge of that role. However, if that same LB is in a Left Wing-Back (LWB) position, his player skill in that particular lineup will decrease to 38 (3 points less), and if put in a Right Wing-Back (RWB) his skill will be of 36 (5 points less).

This is why it’s so important that you choose wisely the positions of your players according to their role, in order to obtain the best lineup skill possible.

The calculation of the overall lineup skill will be updated as the PvE becomes more complex.


It is important that MetaSoccer mimics real-life soccer and its strategies, and the formation plays a big role in this.

The first version of the PvE includes four formations:

  • 4–4–2 A
  • 4–4–2 B
  • 5–3–2
  • 4–3–3

These formations were chosen as the first ones to integrate gameplay for two main reasons: they are common in soccer, and most importantly, all the specific roles are covered, which adds more variety to the game.

As the game evolves, other formations will become available, making the experience more diverse and allowing users to adopt the strategy that best suits them and their team. We will take into account your opinions in order to prioritise which formations to add first!

This first immersion in the soccer metaverse is extremely important — you’ll be able to get familiar with the game and its different commands, so when the time comes to start playing matches you’re a true MetaSoccer Manager!

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