Scouting: Finding Players with Special Abilities

4 min readMar 17, 2022

Players with Special Abilities will be a much-coveted asset for any team, since their characteristics may give an advantage on the field and be decisive to win a match.

Every Scout has a chance to find one of these special players, but some of them have a better eye for it. Scouts with special abilities will be more likely to discover players with special abilities.

Depending on his Overall Knowledge, the Scout will find a different number of players, as you may check on the table below. The first player found is the one with the higher chances to have a special ability. Also, it may happen that the players discovered have different abilities than those of the Scout.

Scout without Special Abilities

When a Youth Scout has no Special Abilities, the probability that the first player found has a special ability is low.

The rest of the players found in the Scouting of a scout without special abilities will have no special abilities.

Scout with 1 Special Ability

If a Youth Scout has one special ability, the chances of the first Player being discovered to have a special ability as well increases.

There is a small chance that the ability is not the same as the scout.

The rest of the players found will have each one a 5% chance of having one special ability.

Scout with 2 Special Abilities

Youth Scouts with two special abilities have the same probability of finding a first Player with special abilities as the Scouts that only have one special ability. The main difference is that they also have the chance to discover a player with two abilities.

There is a small chance that one of the abilities is not the same as the scout.

The rest of the players found will have, each one, a 5% chance of having one special ability and a 1% of having two special abilities (94% chance of having 0 special abilities).

Scouts that have as a special ability being a ‘Scouting Expert’ are the ones that have higher probabilities of finding players with special abilities; in fact, it adds 20 percentage points more (up to a maximum of 100) to the chance that the first player they discover has a special ability.


  • Do special abilities have an impact on the gameplay?

Special abilities can have an impact on the outcome of a match, for sure. When a player with a special ability is on the pitch, he may impact not only his performance but also his teammates. You’ll be able to notice this influence in the PvE matches that will be launched soon, but don’t forget that this will be an early version of the final product and things might change and be fine-tuned.

  • Are special abilities counted in the overall of the players?

No. But you will be able to see their impact when building your line-up for the match.

  • Is there any option to transfer a Scout Special Ability to the player?

No, the special abilities of the scouts are different from the special abilities of the players and are not transferable.

  • What happens if the scout with a Defender special ability (i.e. Kaiser) finds a Striker?

As it was published in the Specific Roles Explained article, the scout will only find players from the same role he has.

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