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5 min readMar 25, 2022


The first-ever scouting of MetaSoccer started a week ago, and since then more than 100 players were minted through the Scouts with the ‘Master of relations’ ability, which takes only three days to discover new players in the metaverse.

As for the rest of the Scouts, they’ll start arriving today with players for you to build your own squad.

So, what can you expect from it? We’ve already shared with you some details about players’ multiple characteristics:

Here’s how players’ attributes are generated, which are divided into five main categories:

Height & weight

Height and weight are calculated based on a normal distribution by specific role, considering that Goalkeepers are, usually, taller than Central Attacking Midfielders, for example. Weight is also obtained from a normal distribution applied to the Body Mass Index knowing the height previously calculated.


Foot will be determined by the probabilities of each specific role and can be Right, Left or Both. These probabilities are applied based on data from real players.

Potential overall

First, it is important to understand the different concepts. A Scout will have five knowledge values and an overall knowledge value that are calculated.

Scouts with different overalls will have different results on their scouting. Depending on the Scout Overall, a scout receives a different number of players. Also, the player found will have a potential related to the Overall of the Scout. If the Scout has an Overall of 65, players will be around this value.

Internally, based on the scout overall and knowledge values, we calculate a potential value for each ability, accordingly. Each specific role has its calculations, meaning that there are some abilities more linked to some specific roles than others. For the same overall potential, for example, RWB and RB will have better potential in the crossing and dribbling abilities than CB, however, CB will have better strength.

What does that mean? If your Midfielder Scout with an overall of 75 has the best knowledge Defense and second best in Attacking, he will find players with a Potential similar to 75 but with better Attacking-related abilities than Physical & Mental. However, if your Scout has the best knowledge of Defense and second Physical & Mental, the players will be better in physical-related abilities than Defense (and still an overall of 75).

A balanced process converts Scouts’ knowledge overall to Players’ abilities. So, if your Scout with Overall 80 has mental knowledge of 45, probably there will be a balance based on the specific role when finding the players. Final mental-related abilities can be slightly increased, depending on the importance in the specific role.

All processes to find the potentials of each ability have some randomness added, but always take into account that the overall potential of the player is similar to the overall of the scout.

Once we have the base potential for each ability, we calculate the final potential overall — the number you see on your player — and it is linked to the player specific role. That means that your player will be able to achieve this potential in the specific role.

Age and Specific Role Ratio

After the 24 internal potential abilities and the potential overall are calculated, there is an age ratio applied. Depending on the age, the player’s current abilities will start closer or farther from the potential.

Additionally, there is another ratio applied to the current abilities, linked to the specific role, to give more reality to the initial players while maintaining freedom and variability for future improvement and user strategy.

What is the impact? If your LW has a potential of 75 in the ability creativity and a potential of 78 in aggression, for example, initial values of the aggression can be lower than the creativity ones. You’ll have more margin of improvement in aggression than in creativity.

Once we apply these ratios, the final current abilities are generated.

Current abilities and current overall

Depending on the specific role and the player distribution, the current overall is calculated with different variable formulas: A player can improve faster in physical abilities if you want a more physical player, or improve faster in technical abilities if you want more strategy. The current overall will be dynamic, giving more importance to the player’s best abilities.

Skills are grouped in three sections:

  • Technical: Passing, dribbling, crossing, shooting, finishing and heading
  • Tactical: Vision, bravery, positioning, marking, sliding tackle and standing tackle
  • Physical & Mental: Fitness, strength, speed, concentration, aggression and creativity

Goalkeepers have their own sections:

  • Technical: Diving, handling, kicking, punching, throwing, reflexes
  • Tactical: Vision, Bravery, Positioning
  • Physical & Mental: Fitness, Strength, Speed, Concentration and Aggression

Section averages are calculated as an average of the section abilities.

Be aware that the Players found are largely impacted by the Youth Scouts you have — that doesn’t mean you need to have a Scout from each role to build a team because you’ll be able to acquire players in our upcoming marketplace.

Although there’s a big portion of influence from the scouts and randomness variables, it will be your responsibility to evolve your players. Through training and matches you’ll be able to enhance certain characteristics of a player that you consider more useful or that have more potential.

The game is in your hands!

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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing