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4 min readMar 21, 2022

The age of the player will have remarkable importance in Metasoccer. All the players will retire around the age of 38, so depending on the age of the player found in scouting, the player will have a different lifetime, which can impact the profitability of the player.

The usual age range of players found in scouting will be from 16 to 19 years old, with a 25% probability of each age. However, there is one scout special ability, which is ‘Youth specialist’, that allows the scout to find players from 14 to 19 years old. In that case, the probabilities are:

  • Age = 14: 26%
  • Age = 15: 26%
  • Age = 16: 12%
  • Age = 17: 12%
  • Age = 18: 12%
  • Age = 19: 12%

Additionally, it is extremely important to understand that the age also impacts on the current abilities of the player. More detailed information about potential abilities, current abilities and how they will be linked will be published soon, but you will find it logical that older players are more developed than younger players. Based on that, some ratios are applied to the potential abilities to get the initial abilities when the scouting is done.

Current Ability = f(Potential Ability, Specific Role, Age)

According to that, the age ratios are the following ones, and they will depend on the overall knowledge of the scout as well.

Finally, there is a Scout Special Ability which will have an impact on the previous table. The scout with ‘Developed players’ special ability will increase, for any player at any age, 10 more percentage points to the previous table. For example, a scout with ‘Developed players’ with an overall of 55 that finds a player that is 16 years old will have a ratio of 0.71 (0.61 from the previous table + 0.10 additional percentage points).

As a result, there will be some differences in the training and the improvement. More developed players will achieve their peak with less effective time, but will improve less than a younger player.

It is also worth mentioning that a player will achieve its peak in between 2–10 years depending on the initial age and the scout overall knowledge, giving the user many years at the maximum potential. However, more details about this improvement will be shared soon, as, like in reality, if a player doesn’t train or play enough, the improvement will be slower.


  • What is the best age for the player?

There is no best absolute option. It will depend on the strategy of the user. As you can deduct from the table, a 19 years old player from a scout with overall knowledge of 45 will be only better than one who is 14 years old from a scout with overall knowledge of 55. However, with the correct training and development through games, the younger player will be better than the old one and, more importantly, will achieve its peak more or less at the same age, increasing the opportunities to have a bigger role.

  • Is it really a key factor to find younger players?

Again, it is a matter of strategy. As in real-life soccer, there are teams more focused on the short term who prefer developed players, with less potential or room for improvement but with an immediate impact on the team performance in games. Then, there are other teams more focused on the long term, trying to invest in younger players who can improve more and can increase their economic value.

  • What is the logic behind these values?

The idea is to respect that, at any scouting with any scout overall, there is an increasing ratio, having more developed players as the age increases. Additionally, we want to avoid that a player from scout overall knowledge A can be better at the beginning than a player from scout overall knowledge B (B>A) if both players are the same age (with the exception of ‘Developed players’ scouts).

What can happen and will happen is that if there is more than a 1-year difference between a player A from scout with an overall of 45, for example, and a player B from scout with an overall of 52, player A can be better at the beginning (if A is older than B).

If you want to know everything about the Scouting process, you can take a look at the articles about Specific Roles and Finding Players with Special Abilities.

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