Warming Up: Game & Marketplace Features

3 min readMay 30, 2022

MetaSoccer is in full throttle and while you are enjoying the first matches in PvE mode and your due rewards, we keep working on new features that will improve your gaming experience.

Without further ado, let’s check what you can expect soon!

Create teams

Soon will find a new section in the clubs that allows the creation of teams.

Per definition, each user will have a “Not Assigned” team in which will be all the players of said team, as well as newly bought players. You’ll be able to create as many teams as you want, and assign players to them. It will be possible to change the players from teams at any time.

This feature is especially useful for users who have a lot of players, and it is also a great tool to create different types of teams for each of the tiers, broadening your earnings prospects and allowing you to try multiple strategies.

Formations with suggested roles

New formations are being created and launched every week, so you may select the best one for you according to your squad and goals.

Along with the creation of teams feature we will also launch an indicator of the best roles for each formation. Everytime you create a new team, you may select the formation in which it will play, and you’ll be automatically notified of what are the roles that best fit it. You are not obliged to select players from the mentioned roles, it’s just an indication of the ideal lineup.

Once you finish selecting players for your new team, you’ll also have access to a summary about your average and potential, which provides a good insight on what will be your team’s performance.

Upon launching, it won’t be possible to name the various teams, they will instead be numbered after the name of your club. In future iterations we intend to give you the opportunity to name each of your teams.

Teams in the Marketplace

Our Marketplace will also continue to expand, and we are currently developing a new section that will allow you to buy entire teams of 18 players.

These bundles of players will not be created by users — they are automatically generated by grouping individual players that are for sale in the Marketplace.

You’ll be able to filter teams by their overalls, potential, price or average age, among others, and by clicking on the team you can check all the characteristics of the different players.

This feature facilitates the entrance in the soccer metaverse, since users no longer have to purchase or mint several new players, and with one simple transaction they are ready to play.

We are anxious to know your opinion about these new game features, that will certainly make your gaming experience even better!

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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing www.metasoccer.com